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This Regional Directory Script puts a new spin on creating directories where you can more easily target local listings, either at the state level or even worldwide.


Create categories and subcategories
Options to require or not require reciprocal links
Option to setup featured links and interface with the Paypal IPN
Setup email notifications to let people know when you accepted their links and to let the admin know when a new links has been submitted. This is also an optional feature.

Local Listings:
Compatible with many different locality databases. Available examples include:
- all 50 states in the United States, and over 30,000 cities
- the counties and regions of the UK
- all the countries of the World
You decide on the "heirarchy" you want to use. For example, you could create a "two level" heiriarchy that uses only states and cites, a "one level" heirarchy that uses only countries of the World, or a "three level" hierarchy that uses countries, states and cities.

Category Display:
To prevent creation of large quantities of pages with little or no content, the Regional Directory is setup so that only those regions and categories that contain links will be displayed. For example, supposing had a fresh install using the fifty states, and you got your first link submission to Business & Economy Florida, the directory would only show the Business & Economy category for Florida. As you received more submissions, the other categories would be populated into Florida. So the Regional Directory grows as you grow.
Optionally, you can also display categories in the "normal view". This displays all links regardless of locality. The normal view runs concurrently and separately from the regional view.

Design and Programming:
The Regional Directory uses the Smarty templating system, allowing designers to create a design, while keeping the code separate.
Uses PHP. It runs both on Linux and Windows, but Linux is the preferred environment.

Installation is as simple as going to yoursite.com/install/ and following the instructions.
You must install a mySQL database and set write permission on 3 folders.


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